22 Aug


The unity and success of your marriage is determined by earnestly seeking God in prayer.

There are three different levels of praying the Lords prayer that depends where you are at that time.


 First, there is LIP SERVICE.  When you meet at church or when you are alone you usually pray out loud.

Second, there is the MIND LEVEL.  This is praying inwardly when you are busy doing something that frees your mind up to meditate on God.

Third, there is a HEART LEVEL.   This is the cry of passion that should be done privately because your heart will reflect on your face.


Praying the Lord’s prayer daily will change your life and redirect your future success in your marriage.

First, this action will magnify God daily because you are praying, “…Hallowed be Thy name…” You will grow as a Christian and learn what he expects from you as a wife.  Heb.11:6  “Anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.”

Second, you will live by better principles when you pray, “…Thy kingdom come…” You are asking God to bring his holiness, his agenda and his perfect plan into your life and marriage.  Your marriage will prosper by living according to God’s laws.

Third, God will give you guidance when you pray, “…Thy will be done…” You are asking God to guide you into His plan and purpose for your marriage.

Fourth, you will receive more answers from God.  When you pray according to God’s will, with all your heart, God answers.  Marriage will always be hit with issues and we always will need answers to life’s tough questions.

Fifth, you feel clean when you ask for forgiveness because you receive that confirmation that God has forgiven you.  This happens when you pray, “…Forgive us our debts…” You can be free of sin and feel it!

Sixth, it will help you to rise above your circumstances and be victorious over your marital problems.  You will experience this when you pray, “…Lead us not into temptation…”  When you pray against temptation, you are asking God to keep you away from situations that will destroy you.

Seventh, you will petition God to protect you when you pray, “…Deliver us from the evil one.”  At this point, God will place a protective shield around you and your spouse.

Get yourself organized!!!

Have a checklist of times that you will set to pray.

Have a prayer list of items you need to pray for your marriage.

Do it now!!!

Don’t give place to the enemy another minute!

NOTE: Don’t miss tomorrow’s post, which will help you to have a successful marriage.

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