20 Mar


THE BIBLE REPEATEDLY TEACHES that growth cannot occur without a teachable heart.  A teachable spirit is one of the most important components in any marriage.

A growing desire to learn requires the ability to freely admit fault and to ask forgiveness.  Ultimately, it means a willingness to do what is right and what God wants, regardless of the personal sacrifice or cost.  At the heart of teachability lies humility.

The foreigners who settled the towns vacated by the exiled Israelites had to humble themselves and learn what God required of those who would inhabit His land.  Many of them died because they did not fear the Lord (2Kings 17:24-27).

It is imperative in our relationships to retain our ability to say, “I have not arrived,” “I have more to learn,” and “Please help me develop in this area.”  Regularly ask God to give you and your mate teachable hearts willing to do all He has commanded.

“But my mate is not teachable!”  you object.  Then begin to pray now that he or she will hunger and thirst for progress and not get satisfied with mediocrity.  Also, model a teachable heart.  Teachability can be contagious!  You may be the best example of this humble virtue your mate ever sees.

NOTE:  This article came from Family Life and Marriage Bible by Dennis and Barbara Rainey.

NOTE:  Daily there is a new post to help your marriage succeed.

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