19 Mar



Question #1  I know I am called to be a pastor’s wife.  What is the most important thing to learn now while I am single in order to be what my husband needs as a partner?


Answer #1  Great question!  Before I get into the heart of your question, I would like to make some comments that are of great value.  First, marry a man that you can respect.  Remember that this man will be the father of your children and grandfather to your grandchildren.  Many girls have made the mistake of marrying someone who is cute and nice to them.  They don’t consider how he gets along with people at church, work, and his family. 

First you must believe God about who He says He is, and believe God about who He say you are.

Second, you must respect your husband.  Remember that you are his companion.  So your seconds job is to take care of him.  Only he knows what he will expect of you as a wife.  Make sure that you get good marital counceling so you learn each others expectations.  If his family is taken care of, then he can serve God with a full mind and heart.

Third, is the church.  What people mainly will want from you is just encouragement.  Most of the questions asked from women are on marriage and children.  Learn as much as you can on those two subjects.

Store up prayers and praises for the future.   

2 Responses to “SATURDAYS QUESTIONS & ANSWERS 3-19-11”

  1. belinda March 19, 2011 at 11:30 am #

    Sister Nancy – Thank you for the insightful information. I also have held onto a promise God gave me some years ago in the Womens Home. The promise is still in motion and I pray will come to pass in God’s time as I stay faithful to the minitstry he has allowed my husband and I to be a part of. What a privilege it is to be counted worthy…

    • nancysalazar March 19, 2011 at 2:07 pm #

      Sometimes people may get a prophecy and misinterpret it. God gives alot of people the gift of shepherding. He may not give them that office in the church they are in. When my husband and I take the gift tests, we both score very low in pastoring and very high in administration. The size of our church, we don’t have time to be hands-on with everyone. However we need the gift of administration because our daily work is running a large Christian organization. There are many people in our church who have a shephards heart but they are not pastors and probably never will be. I hope I have typed this so it is understandable. Everyone should go to his pastor and inform his pastor what he feels his gifts are so they can use them in the body of Christ.

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