22 Jan


“THE STRENGTH OF A NATION,” said Abraham Lincoln, “lies in the homes of its people.” In other words, the state of the union is determined by the state of the marriage union-the condition of our nation’s marriages, families, and homes.

But by what yardstick can we accurately measure how our homes are doing? Ezekiel once saw a vision of an angel taking measurements of Jerusalem, symbolically giving God’s estimation of the city (40:1-44:3). That is the kind of measure we need to apply to our homes and our nation-what does God think?

And what do we see as we use the divine measuring rod? We see that for every two marriages that begin this year there will be one marriage that will end in divorce. We see the birth rate declining, while juvenile delinquency, sexual perversion, and promiscuity continue to skyrocket.

Why is this happening? It’s taking place because the state of the union is determined by the state of the marriage union.

Are we destined as a nation to follow in the footsteps of all other cultures throughout history that have fallen because of such a moral decline? Our only hope is to rebuild the walls of both the home and the nation according to God’s measuring rod. And the rebuilding process begins in each of our families as we start to know, apply, experience, embrace, and ultimately proclaim God’s truth about what makes strong, healthy marriages and families.

NOTE:  Daily there is a new post to help your marriage succeed.

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