21 Jan


GOD WANTS YOUR FAMILY to be a light in a dark world. And make no mistake-an ordinary family really can have a tremendous impact on our world (see Ezek. 44:15).

In the early days of World War II, a large Allied army found itself trapped in the channel port of Dunkirk. Hitler’s tank forces, only miles away, were ready to smash forward. Britain’s Royal Navy lacked the ships to mount a rescue. But then, as William Manchester describes in his book, The Last Lion, “A strange fleet appeared trawlers and tugs, scows and fishing sloops, lifeboats and pleasure craft, smacks and coasters … even the London Fire Brigade’s fire-float Massey Shaw-all of them manned by civilian volunteers: English fathers, sailing to rescue England’s exhausted, bleeding sons.”

This ragtag civilian armada brought 338,682 men safely to the shores of England. Common people had made the difference.

Today, our nation’s marriages and children face their own Dunkirk. And I wonder, Will there be enough common people willing to set sail to rescue this generation of exhausted, bleeding children of divorce and broken families?

The task may seem massive given the state of marriage and families in our culture. But like the common people who rescued the soldiers at Dunkirk, we can do our part by reaching out to those in our neighborhoods and our workplaces with the hope of the gospel and the wisdom of God’s Word.

NOTE:  Daily there is a new post to help your marriage succeed.

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