26 Mar


YOUR COVENANT OF COMMITMENT to God and each other is what remains after reality has edited what you thought marriage would be.  Think back to your wedding.  You stood before God at the altar and promised never to leave or forsake your spouse, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse.  When you stare “worse” in the face, you have a choice.

Will you honor that commitment?

At this crossroads, you can reject your vows, believing there is no hope; or you can trust God,believing that He is able to help you rekindle the smoldering ashes and transform them into something vibrant.

When King Hezekiah faced disaster at the hands of the invading Assyrians, he humbly turned to God for rescue– and God erased the Assyrian threat.  The same thing can happen in your marriage!  As some dear friends said to us when we reached a very difficult time of testing in our family, “What an awesome opportunity to see God work!”

Your marriage will face some challenging seasons.  All marriages do.  When you trust God to renew your commitment to one another and to rekindle your romance, you set your marriage on a course to experience the season of mature, committed love.  This season is well worth the work!  We know.  We’ve experienced it.

NOTE:  This article is from the book Family Life and Marriage Bible by Dennis and Barbara Rainey.

NOTE:  Daily there is a new post to help your marriage succeed.

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