21 Nov


GOD MADE WOMEN to be beautiful in two ways: internally and externally.  No matter their age, wives need to cultivate both.

In the Old Testament, God smiled at the attraction men felt toward physically beautiful women (Deut.21:11).  Yet how well we women know the fading glory of the external!!  Physical beauty barely reaches full bloom before our bodies begin to deteriorate and droop like a flower past its prime.  This inevitable decline should not, however, provide an excuse for neglecting our appearance.  Your body was make to please your husband, not just sexually, but visually, too.

But internal beauty, born in the heart, is the most important kind of beauty; and 1Peter 1:22-25 tells us it is imperishable.  The essence of internal beauty is found throughout Scripture.  God tells us to have a heart of gratitude, compassion, and hope; an attitude of humility, service and joy; a mind transformed, focused, and at peace.  And in 1Corinthians 13:4-7, we learn what love looks like.

While God expects both men and women to love this way, a woman possesses softness, gentleness, and grace that a man does not.  These qualities make her more beautiful.  This blossom of inner beauty matures very slowly and never fades.

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