17 Oct


Did you know that laughter can cure the disease of self-importance?

It’s hard to puff yourself up to weather-balloon size if you deflate yourself with a good prick of self-directed humor!

How many laughs are you having–and how many at your own expense?

God commanded His ancient people to enjoy a regular “day of…gladness” and sealed its importance with the reminder, “I am the Lord your God” (Num.10:10).

Before the wedding ceremony, couples should have a bold objective for their first year of marriage, “We will be found guilty of having too much fun rather than too little fun.”

That’s not a bad objective for any year of marriage!

Courtship usually entails joy and romance and laughter, but this joy can quickly dry up after marriage.

After we get married, our focus splinters in many directions, especially after children come along.

That’s why we need to make it a priority in marriage to find ways to participate in the fun, laugh-generating antics we did when we first dated.

That requires us to flee from the television, telephone, and computer, in order to focus on each other.

Find the time to laugh and seek to please each other.

NOTE:  This article was from the book “Family Life Marriage Bible” by Dennis and Barbara Rainey.

NOTE:  Daily there is a new post to help your marriage be a success.

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