28 Mar


I.     Thou shalt not marry in haste or thou mayest have to repent at leisure.

II.   Thou shalt have a home of thine own, no matter how small.  By your marriage you transfer your allegiance from your father’s house to your own.  Keep it there and avoid being double-minded.

III.  Thou shalt establish a family budget and live up to it.

IV.  Thou shalt observe birthdays and anniversaries and continue courting and you will stay out of court.

V.    Thou shalt practice thy religion at home.  If it doesn’t work at home there’s either something wrong with it or with you.  Look  for the best in people–not the worst.  Show appreciation to your spouse and overlook his faults.

VI.  Thou shalt beware of the little things that hurt marriages such as sharp words.  Thou shalt put thy spouses’ needs before thine own and be unselfish.  It only takes one match to start a fire.

VII.  Thou shalt have a family altar.  If you are too busy to read God’s words and pray every day, you are so busy that you grieve God.

VIII. Thou shalt serve the Lord in His church.  You live in a city with churches so if you want the Lord’s blessings, be willing to share in the church’s responsibilities.

IX.  Thou shalt have suitable recreations with Christian friends.  Keeping up with the Jones’ begats coveting, just as all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…but all play and no Christian work is worse.

X.   Thou shalt regard thy children as a direct gift  from God.  Treat them as such.

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