27 Mar


Question #1. When a husband and a wife are constantly talking about each others failures in their marriage, openly in front of others, especially their children, how does this affect the child’s view of marriage?

Answer #1. Will bring insecurity to that child’s life.  The children will live with the fear that their parents will divorce.  There was a couple that fought all the time.  One of the children would tell people that they never wanted to get married and have children because they saw how miserable their parents were.  The child that made that comment, ended up a homosexual.  Children have to feel secure in a loving home to develop and become successful.  Without a loving atmosphere, children take problems into their own marriage when they grow up. Talking about your problems only glorifies the devil.  Arguing couples quench the Holy Spirit.  If you have an argumentative spouse, step into your restroom and start praying.

Question #2. How can you repair respect for your husband once you have “broken” it or crossed “the line?”

Answer #2. It will take time and you need to have patience.  The Holy Spirit wants to partner with you to repair this.

1st, tell him you are sorry.  Be specific about what you are sorry for.

2nd, tell him you will never do that again.  Let him know that you not only hurt him, but you hurt yourself.  You are one in Gods eyes.

3rd, do random acts of kindness.  They say for every bad thing you do, it takes 20 good things in order for the person you hurt to let it go.

4th, do what I call “open up an account for them in heaven.”   This is asking God to give you opportunities to do nice things for them.  Don’t let them know.  It is not even necessary that you let them know you did the nice things.  Just do them!  If they find out that you did something nice with out tooting your horn, it makes it more pleasurable for them.  God knows that you are caring for the spouse he has given you.

5th, buy him a gift.  Not expensive.  Just a treat or two at the right time.

6th, you might even ask him what you can do to make it up to him.  Humility always works for God.

7th, “lots of luvin”

NOTE:  Don’t miss tomorrows post.

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