4 Oct


Would it surprise you to see the words prayer and lovemaking in the same sentence? In face, they go together quite well.

     Making love in the marriage bed is both fantastic and beautiful. Real, passionate, and intimate love is exactly what should occur between two unashamed married lovers:”Drink, yes, drink deeply, O beloved ones!”(5:1).

     So what role does prayer play? Praying together will always draw a couple closer. In fact, as your prayer life grows, you will become better lovers. Since marital intimacy was God’s idea, he wants you to experience it to the fullest. As with all other important spiritual endeavors, you and I need His Spirit’s power for true success. Vonette Bright, the wife of the late Bill Bright, said this about sex, “It’s just as important to be filled with the Holy Spirit in bed as it is in witnessing to another about Jesus Christ.”

     That’s why you should pray for one another before you go to bed. Ask Him to make you the finest lovers. Here are a few ideas to help keep lovemaking fresh.

     1. Praying together builds respect and attraction. Husbands, did you know that initiating prayer with your wife makes you more desirable?

     2. Ask God to bless your spouse through your time together. Husbands, what a privilege to pray for your wife before initiating intimacy! Wives, did you know that expressing admiration and respect for your husband in prayer will minister to him?

     3. If you’ve struggled as a couple with sex, ask God to bless your time and give you understanding for one another. We have prayed over this area of our marriage, and He has answered.

     4. Pray for patience with one another. There’s nothing quite like asking God to help you be more gentle and kind with your spouse in lovemaking.

     5. Pray during lovemaking! Yes, we’re serious. Hold your spouse and give thanks for him or her and your time together. You’ll see what we mean.

     6. Thank God for the gift of intimacy and pleasure in your marriage. A husband and wife, wrote to us, “It is special to pray together after having made love. Since God invented this beautiful expression, why should we be afraid to pray together afterward? What a way to celebrate having come to each other in purity.”

     Amen! We urge you to pray together and turn out the lights early tonight!

NOTE:  This article is from the book Family Life and Marriage Bible by Dennis and Barbara Rainey

NOTE:  Daily there is a new post to help your marriage succeed.

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