24 Sep


 Question #1.  What should you do when a friend of your spouse who is of the opposite sex has made very inappropriate comments to your spouse.  They don’t know that I know about those comments.  My spouse would fear to loose that person as a friend and would fear they may not think they are “cool.”  This is causing me to question everything concerning my spouse and especially what is associated with this particular friend.  This now comes across to my spouse as being “jealous” or “overprotective.”  My spouse now says that they are unhappy with our marriage.  I am trying to act godly and not get physical with this friend…but what else can I do?  I have prayed to God to remove evil and destructive people from around my wife for the glorification and protection of our marriage and also asked that He bless those people as well.  I have prayed that God show my spouse that the devil is working through that person to destroy our marriage.  I feel that I have been a great spouse (no lies, no cheating, no abuse, supportive, caring, loving).  What is one to do?

Answer #1.  You should be direct with your spouse and tell them the information that you have concerning the inappropriate comments.  You must let your spouse know that you do not agree with them being spoken to like that.  There is something wrong with this friend who is talking like that behind your back to your spouse.  Tell your spouse to sever contacting that person.  If the friend inquires why there hasn’t been any contact, your spouse needs to tell them you do not agree with their comments.  Your spouse must tell them your wishes must be respected and your marriage honored.  If your spouse refuses, give the Holy Spirit time to convict them.  Don’t argue with them, but let your spouse know that your marriage is being violated by this intruder.  Make sure that it is a good time to have this discussion.  Remember that God is with you because he esteems your marriage.

2 Responses to “SATURDAY – QUESTION & ANSWER 9/24/11”

  1. Bob August 29, 2016 at 7:00 pm #

    Help to fill my wifes tank. We are seperated and she told me to fill it again.

    • nancysalazar October 15, 2016 at 4:22 am #

      Hi Bob! Prayer is POWERFUL! Everything is accomplished in prayer. A spouse leaves when their soul is wounded. They don’t know how to stop the bleeding and they aren’t going to God.

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