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NOTE:  This is an article that I felt you would thoroughly enjoy reading.  Bob who was a prodigal returned home after being divorced and was remarried to his wife for another additional 23 years before the Lord took him home to Heaven.

The Fun Bus Story

There is a big van that can be seen around Bryson City.  It is from a campground a few miles away.  Painted on both sides of that vehicle, in huge letters, is an invitation to ride The Fun Bus.  That bus carries people to Deep Creek for tubing.  I suspect that the driver carries his excited riders as far upstream as possible, and then picks them up down below after they leisurely float down-stream on their rented tubes.

Years ago, I used to flag down another fun bus and hitch a ride.  The driver of my bus was always willing to stop for anyone who wanted to ride with him.  In fact, if he notices an individual walking a certain direction, he has no hesitation to stop and to offer a ride.  I often felt guilty riding with him, and not paying, but after all, it was called The Fun Bus.

One day The Fun Bus carried me further upstream than I had ever been before, but the driver did not come back for me.  I discovered the driver delights in taking people up the creek and then leaving them there.  I had been hitching a ride on the wrong Fun Bus.  The one I continued to flag down came not from a campground, but from Satan’s playground, and was being driven by the enemy himself.

That day when I found myself up the creek of divorce without a bus, the evil one was nowhere to be seen.  I now understand that he delights in staying just out of sight, but always ready to offer another ride, not toward home, but farther on up the creek.

After I discovered that I had been deceived, The Fun Bus came by and offered me another ride into a non-covenant relationship with another woman.  I was tired and hurt from the path of life that I had been traveling, and stood at the door of The Fun Bus, almost ready to climb aboard, when Jesus passed by.

The devil driver began to tremble when he saw that the Lord whom I had once served faithfully was there.  I must tell you that I did also.  You see, back in the 70’s I had asked Jesus to forgive me for all the trips on Satan’s Fun Bus that I had ever taken.  I received God’s free gift of eternal life that will some day take me to Heaven.  Now that will be some trip!

Later, I had even surrendered my life to the Lord’s service.  Back then, I tried to avoid The Fun Bus, but I suppose time just changes things.  the driver used to pass and honk at me often.  One day I accepted just a short ride with him.  The next day, it was a snap to ride on just a bit farther.  Soon, I was riding anywhere that THE FUN BUS from Hell would take me.

That day, when I found myself up the creek, Jesus put His loving arm around my shoulders for the first time in a long while.  He had been attempting to do that for a long time, but I had been pushing Him away, much like a pouting child.  I did not know that the Lord considered me to be one of His pouting children, and that He was not about to give up on me.

With His arms around me, Jesus and I walked right up to the door of The Fun Bus.  “He won’t be riding with you any longer,”  Jesus said to the driver.  At the same time, He gave me the warmest squeeze that I had ever experienced.  That was exactly what I had been searching for when I boarded The Fun Bus in the first place.  “He still owes me all those rides, ” the enemy squealed.

The Master looked him straight in the eye, and said, “Bob’s debt to you is paid by My shed Blood.”  The Fun Bus driver did not take that well.  He trembled, and sped off.

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31 Aug


HUSBAND, ARE YOU LOOKING for a good way to connect emotionally with your wife?  If so, Proverbs offers this pointer, “Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones” (Prov.16:24).

How often do you praise your wife?  Consider a few compliments to brighten her day:

*  “Dinner was great!  Thank you for always making creative meals, even when you’re tired of cooking.”

*  “I love the way you read books to our kids.  That’s so much better for them than watching TV.”

*  “I’m grateful that you carefully budget our paycheck each month.”

*  “I admire the way you handled yourself with that rude salesman—you have such a winsome approach.”

*  “The flowers you planted make our home so much more inviting.  I appreciate your hard work.”

Speaking pleasant words to your spouse helps to establish and strengthen emotional connections.  As you work to make a genuine connection with your words, go below the surface to the real issues of life.  Share with her, for example, what goes on at work.  Most women love hearing all of the details.  You’ll also discover that she can provide wise counsel on the issues you face.

NOTE:  This article is from Family Life and Marriage Bible by Dennis and Barbara Rainey.

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30 Aug


EVERY WIFE HAS THE POWER to create or destroy her relationship with her husband “The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands” (Prov.14:1).

Remember that God is in control and you can trust Him.  Also remember that you have to choose to obey God through honoring and respecting your husband.  Every man needs his wife’s respect; it’s one of his deepest needs.  He has others, but your respect—or lack thereof—impacts his whole life.

Respecting your husband includes really listening to him, not simply hearing the words that come out of his mouth.  Take seriously what he says!  When Barbara listens to me when I express something that I consider important for the family—and then acts on what I have said—she demonstrates respect.  On more than one occasion, her respect has empowered me to lead.  Not only does she benefit, but so does the entire family.  Some wives do not realize how powerful they can be in their husband’s life when they truly respect their man.

A husband should never try to force his wife to respect him.  Instead, he should seek to be a man worthy of respect by demonstrating godly character and sacrificial love.  And a wife should look for ways to affirm and respond to her husband’s leadership.  It starts by praising him for those areas in which he deserves genuine respect.

NOTE:  This article is from the book Family Life and Marriage Bible by Dennis and Barbara Rainey

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29 Aug


In today’s life, we often find that we do not have time to focus or listen.

We would like God to speak to us about our family life but God doesn’t leave VOICEMAILS or E-MAILS.

Our challenge is not to find time for God but to find the courage to stop our distractions for Him.

You create and empower DISTRACTIONS.

You choose to turn on your computer, carry your cell phone, watch TV, and schedule activities.

Jesus left us a pattern for prayer in our life in Matt.6:9 “After this manner pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.”

The word “manner” means “according to this model.”

The word “hallowed” means “set apart and holy.”

When we pray this, we are acknowledging that God is holy and honored.

Are you living a “holy” life that displays he is your father?

Are you dedicating yourself to live a marital life that reverences all that God is?

You are COMMANDED to honor God’s name.

C.S. Lewis said, “Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in.  Aim at earth and you get neither.”

“Hallowed be your name” in essence states “we declare our desire and intent to live differently.”

You need to not just say the words, but show it by godly character.

Are there areas in your life that are not “hallowed?”

Are there areas in your marital life that God cannot write his name in because they are not  “hallowed?”

If you do not pursue holiness in your marriage, it will not be successful.

Heb.12:14 “Make every effort to live in peace with all men and be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.”

If you and your spouse hold different standards of right and wrong (ethics) then true forgiveness cannot be given or received.

Don’t wallow in pain and shame.

Is there an area in your sexual life that you are HIDING?

Is your social life filled with holiness?

When praying “Our Father” without a holy life, it shows that you assess his love on purely human terms.

As you pray “Hallowed be thy name…” God will walk into the darkest closets in your life.

Ex:  Have you ever walked into one of your child’s rooms and it stunk.  You couldn’t bear the smell.  God knows how to clean and straighten up things to make it fit for his dwelling.

If you have a child-like life, you are in a position for a blessing.

The password to MARITAL SUCCESS is praise and worship.

Psa.22:3 “God inhabits the praises of His people.”

Have the COURAGE to stop right now and add time to praise and worship him in your daily life.

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28 Aug


The unity and success of your marriage is determined by earnestly seeking God in prayer.

There are three different levels of praying the Lords prayer that depends where you are at that time.


 First, there is LIP SERVICE.  When you meet at church or when you are alone you usually pray out loud.

Second, there is the MIND LEVEL.  This is praying inwardly when you are busy doing something that frees your mind up to meditate on God.

Third, there is a HEART LEVEL.   This is the cry of passion that should be done privately because your heart will reflect on your face.


Praying the Lord’s prayer daily will change your life and redirect your future success in your marriage.

First, this action will magnify God daily because you are praying, “…Hallowed be Thy name…” You will grow as a Christian and learn what he expects from you as a wife.  Heb.11:6  “Anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.”

Second, you will live by better principles when you pray, “…Thy kingdom come…” You are asking God to bring his holiness, his agenda and his perfect plan into your life and marriage.  Your marriage will prosper by living according to God’s laws.

Third, God will give you guidance when you pray, “…Thy will be done…” You are asking God to guide you into His plan and purpose for your marriage.

Fourth, you will receive more answers from God.  When you pray according to God’s will, with all your heart, God answers.  Marriage will always be hit with issues and we always will need answers to life’s tough questions.

Fifth, you feel clean when you ask for forgiveness because you receive that confirmation that God has forgiven you.  This happens when you pray, “…Forgive us our debts…” You can be free of sin and feel it!

Sixth, it will help you to rise above your circumstances and be victorious over your marital problems.  You will experience this when you pray, “…Lead us not into temptation…”  When you pray against temptation, you are asking God to keep you away from situations that will destroy you.

Seventh, you will petition God to protect you when you pray, “…Deliver us from the evil one.”  At this point, God will place a protective shield around you and your spouse.

Get yourself organized!!!

Have a checklist of times that you will set to pray.

Have a prayer list of items you need to pray for your marriage.

Do it now!!!

Don’t give place to the enemy another minute!

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27 Aug


Have you ever had your spouse “let you down” at some point along the way?

I’m sure, if the truth be told, you have let your spouse down also.

Human beings, and especially spouses, FAIL each other at one time or another.

1Corinthians 13:8 “Agape (love) never faileth…”

Love will last forever!!

Paul concludes POWERFULLY in 1Cor.13:8 that Gods love is forever!

Paul was trying to tell us that Gods love never disappoints or fails.

God’s love can always be counted on because it is always RELIABLE.

The way to get this love is to “die to self” but you cannot manufacture love.

Agape love never falls into ruin.

What is the difference between the world’s love and agape?


Agape has a source that is supernatural and that is a “supernatural God.”

Our constant challenge is to tap into that SOURCE.

Agape adapts to all circumstances and any country.

Does your love for your spouse fail more often than you would like?

That is because we are human beings and our love “taps out.”

As you grow in Christ the quality of “unfailing love” is manifested to our spouse.

As we obey the word of God, we daily progress in Christlikeness.

How do you feel when your spouse falls from the HIGH position they hold in your life?

How painful is it when you see a fellow warrior fall or stumble in battle?

Doesn’t this” let you down”?

God’s love is reliable and it is constant.

We are God’s CONDUIT for his unfailing love.

Remember, we cannot manifest this agape on our own strength.

Are you having a problem loving a spouse who is UNLOVABLE?

What with man is impossible, with Christ it is Him-possible!

Seek what is going to have enduring VALUE to your marriage.

Agape (Love) never “TAPS OUT!”

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26 Aug


Do you remain firm in your love for your spouse when faced with hard circumstances?

1Cor.13:7 “…Love …endures all things…”

The word “endures” in the Greek is  “hupomeno” which means to stay under or remain.

In secular Greek, “hupomeno” was a military term used to refer to an army who is holding a position at all costs.

This would be a person who is under a heavy load but refuses to surrender to defeat.

He will stay put and refuse to leave because he know that he is where he is suppose to be.

Do you endure in times of loneliness or loss?

If you are filled with the love of God and strengthened by the Holy Spirit, you can endure pain and suffering.

The early Christians and the apostles were able to endure suffering and torture, due to agape (love)for God.

Agape never quits or throws in the towel.

Are you patient and loving with your spouse with no desire to reject or retaliate?

Do you bear up under circumstances that seem impossible?

Example:  The formica japonica ants can lift and carry five times their weight.   God created them to endure hardness.

We were not made to endure heaviness with out the infilling of Gods Holy Spirit.

When your spouse is not successful at their attempts are you still cheerful and still standing?

We can never talk ourselves into agape (love)because we have no power within us.

Be honest with God and say, “I don’t love my spouse right now!!  I’m angry and have bad thoughts.”

You need to ask Jesus to fill you with His high-level love.

Here is an assignment for you to reach that higher-level.

  • Write down the 11 qualities of love in 1Cor.13.

As you think of each one, how are you measuring up?

Which ones are you strong in?

Which ones are you weak in?

Which ones do you need in your life right now?

  • Memorize 1Corinthians 13.

There is nothing more important in your life than letting God perfect His love in you.

Say, “I’m committed to be here in my marriage and to stay here and to work out our marriage.  I am not quitting no matter what the cost or time is to me.”

Don’t throw in the towel!

Jesus didn’t carry a towel with Him to Calvary.

Don’t carry one around in your marriage.

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