10 Dec


What makes your wife laugh?

What does she consider funny?

What shows make her smile, what jokes make her chuckle, what incidents in your own relationship bring laughter and fun to your home?

Try to design an evening for the two of you in which laughter is the main goal.

Don’t settle for something easy, like taking her to a funny movie.

That might be part of the date, but don’t make it the main event.

Spend some time figuring out how you can help your wife to really loose and laugh, and then do your best to tickle her funny bone.

Remember that the bible insists “a merry heart does good, like medicine” (Prov.17:22).

Laughter makes any day better!

So make this one better for both you and your spouse.

NOTE:  This article was take from “Family Life and Marriage Bible” by Dennis and Barbara Rainey

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9 Dec


Scripture tells us that Rahab, the prostitute from Jericho who hid the Israelite spies (Joshua 6:25), continued to live among God’s people and eventually became an ancestor of Jesus Christ (Matt.1:5).  You have to wonder: what did she tell her Hebrew husband about her past?

Any discussion of sensitive material from your past must occur between two people who understand and have experienced God’s grace and forgiveness.  If you are confident that you should proceed, consider some tips on how to confess information from your past.

1.  Explain why you are sharing this information now.  Make clear that you desire to deepen trust in your relationship.

2.  Give the big picture, not the details.  Don’t provide specifics of how you sinned.  And if you are receiving the information, do not ask probing questions merely to feed your morbid curiosity.  Vivid images will haunt you more than general statements.

3.  Ask for and grant forgiveness.  Don’t ever treat forgiveness flippantly, but ask for and grant forgiveness eagerly.

4.  Don’t expect an immediate resolution.  Keep a leash on your expectations.  Your spouse may not respond positively to your disclosure.  That’s okay.  Give your mate time to process this new information.

Finally, as you discuss the past, if you get off in a ditch and can’t get out, don’t be ashamed to ask for some help.  A trusted godly friend can be a great encouragement to both of you during these times.

NOTE:  This article is from Family Life Marriage Bible by Dennis and Barbara Rainey.

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8 Dec


Why would you want to take up sword fighting with your spouse?

We don’t want to sword fight against our spouse, we want to sword fight with them on the same team.

The Apostle Paul tells us that we have a weapon that can devastate satans strategies against your marriage.

Eph.6:17 “And take…the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God.”

In the Greek, this word “sword” is MACHAIRA.

This word “machaira” is important because it was a special kind of sword.

There are a variety of swords used by the Roman soldiers.

The “machaira” was able to painfully shred the insides of it’s victim because it was used like a corkscrew.

It was a razor-sharp deadly and frightful weapon.

Just like this particular sword brought terror to the imagination of the enemy, the “sword of the spirit” torments the devil.

When the enemy starts to intervene in your marriage, get quiet in your heart and listen to the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit will give you a Rhema (word) to speak at the devil.

This is close combat and a time to use your sword.

You use it like a corkscrew; Insert, Twist and do Damage!

Gods word stays dormant in your heart till you let it come out of your mouth, then it is a two-edged sword.

There is a difference between “rhema” and “logos.”

“Logos” is the written word of God.

“Rhema” is a quicken specific word from the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit teaches us to use it offensively and defensively.

We should earnestly study and practice sword exercise as Jesus did in his conflict with Satan and with the scribes and the Pharisees.

Sword practice in your marriage is allowing the Holy Spirit to supply, inspire and employ Gods word (machaira).

CASE AND POINT:  Japanese sword training is something of a lifelong journey.  Even the masters consider themselves to be humble students, constantly striving for perfection and always feeling that they can execute a cut cleaner, faster and with more precision.  In traditional Japanese sword training, techniques are often practiced many thousands of times before any degree of proficiency is obtained.

Do you have a good grasp of Gods word and know how to apply it with precision?

God’s word can be an effective weapon when attacks come against your marriage.

Don’t use a plastic toy gun!!!

We need to use specific scriptural truths to counter satanic falsehoods.

Insert, twist and do damage!!

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7 Dec


Safeguard your mind against every mental assault of the devil that can destroy your marriage.

In Ephesians the Apostle Paul tells us that at salvation you are given this kind of safeguard.

“…And take the helmet of salvation…” Eph.6:17

A Roman soldier who lost his helmet was in danger of head injuries that would cause him to be disoriented, or death.

A Christian who is unsure of their salvation can’t be bold in resisting Satan.

CASE AND POINT:  Motorcyclists have a risk of a fatal crash 35 times greater than a passenger car.  A head injury is the leading cause of death in motorcycle accidents.  An unhelmetted motorcyclist is 40% more likely to incur a fatal head injury.  Shortly after I met my husband, his 21 year old cousin was instantly killed in a traffic accident.  He was DUI when he hit a sign on the turnoff lane.  Unfortunately, he hit the sign after crashing with his head.  In the 60’s there were no law on helmet wearing.  If his cousin had worn a helmet, he would be alive because nothing else on his body was affected.  This is just a story, but to my husband’s family, many family members never emotionally recovered.  Helmet laws are saving lives.

The helmet of salvation protects our mind from doubt and discouragement including our marriage.

Paul knew that doubting your security in Christ would render you ineffective in spiritual warfare.

People do suffer from doubt and discouragement

The devil lies to us about our salvation and he used everyday experiences to do it.

  • You sure are giving a lot into your marriage and getting very little back.  Where is your God?
  • You are doing everything you can as a spouse to hold to high standards, but you just lost your job.  Why isn’t God helping?
  • You read your word everyday but your spouse hasn’t changed?  What is God waiting for?
  • You’ve been going to church for years, and look at your kids.  What’s God doing in your life?  I thought he loved you?

When we are discouraged is when we are the most vulnerable.

Discouragement is a lethal weapon in the hands of the enemy.

Often when a runner is on the “home stretch” of a race, suddenly his body refuses to go any further.

Keeping your mind on the goal is what will get you across the “finish line.”

Don’t conform to the evil world.

Many times in marriage, we take our helmets off and start to verbally attack our spouse.

PAST: Salvation means God has rescued you from the penalty of sin;

PRESENT: He is rescuing you from the power of sin; and

FUTURE: He will rescue you from the presence of sin.

God commands you to put on the helmet of salvation to protect you on how you think as worldly thoughts bombard you daily.

Fall in love with Jesus!

Partner with the Holy Spirit!!!!

You can’t be in better hands!!!

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6 Dec




Would you like to quench every flaming dart the devil tries to shoot into your marriage?

In Ephesians the Apostle Paul assures us that with our shield of faith, we can be supernaturally empowered to defend ourselves.

“Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.”  Eph.6:16

Every fiery dart the devil throws your way can be extinguished by the Holy Spirit.

CASE AND POINT:  During the Iraqi War and the Gulf War of 1991, scud missiles were being thrown at our soldiers and civilians.  The Patriot Missile system was designed to detect, target then hit an incoming missile.  Without the patriot missile, many lives would have been taken.

The “shield” was a large stone used to close and entrance; a door.

The shields were the full length of a man about the size of a door.

To assure the soldier that fiery darts would not affect them, the shield protected them from head to toe.

This is an example of the Holy Spirit protecting us as we use our “shield of faith.”

With God on our side, the enemy cannot penetrate our supernatural shield that is guarding us from head to toe.

Faith is an essential protection over your marriage against flaming arrows of temptation.

Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “It is faith in something that makes life worth living.”

Our marriage is in a war all the time.

When a flaming missile is lodged, it burns everything in its vicinity.

This is exactly the way the enemy works in our marriage since God’s word warns us that the devil is here to kill, steal and destroy.

You must carry the “shield of faith” in front of you.

The battle is not a power struggle, it’s a truth struggle.

Make sure that you are not quenching the Holy Spirit before you try to quench the devils darts.

What are the “fiery darts?”  doubts, fears, worries, etc.

Do you care enough for your marriage  to fight for it?

Choose between what is true and what is deceit in this world.

Is the devil throwing deceitful lying thoughts?

Your marriage is in a war zone!

Fight with the shield of Faith!!

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5 Dec




Many times women will wear “killer shoes” just to look tall and slender or to look cute.

When we are in the middle of problems we will pull anything out of our arsenal bag to bring a peaceful ending.

God has an ANSWER to bring peace to our marriage.

There is an important part of your spiritual armor that is very necessary to have peace in your marriage.

Eph.6:14-15 “Stand therefore, having your…your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace.”

Paul was telling the Christians that just like a soldiers feet had to be comfortable and protected to win their approaching battles we need that preparation and equipment to fight for peace in our marriage.

Boots were part of their weaponry.  These boots protected the legs as well as had spikes on the bottom to be used as a WEAPON.

Today’s military boots are adjusted with boot stretchers and cushioned with purchased arch supports.

We will always have to put WORK and preparation into our marriages as times and seasons change our lives.

Preparation means “readiness” and we need to face the enemy with firm footing.

As a spouse and Christian soldier, your equipment is your readiness to be a living testimony of God’s Good News.

During the time of battle you are EXPECTED to do everything to keep the peace in your home.

God ordained marriage but because of our fallen world, we will always have to face concerns, fears or worries.

God tells us NOT to worry or have anxiety.

He wants us to exchange our heaviness for the Lords light burden.

CASE AND POINT:  During WWII, bombs would rain down on London and Coventry.  Coventry was literally flattened by the end of the war.  When we lived in England in the 1980’s I remember that Coventry seemed so much newer than the rest of the Country.  When I was told that it had to be rebuilt after the war, my heart broke for the families that didn’t make it through the war.  When the people of England had defeated hearts as they felt they were loosing.  Winston Churchill would come on the radio.  This mans voice changed discouraged hearts to be a heart filled with courage and peace.  They won the war!!!

This is what the  “gospel of peace” does for you and I in our marriage.

Peace is a state of wellbeing!

 Isn’t it funny how God put “peace” along with these killer weapon’s.

These “feet shod” protect you from the insults and assaults of the devil.

God’s peace will hold you in place when the devil tries to push you around.

Have there been DIFFICULT times in your marriage?

Is the devil trying to shove you around?

Is the enemy BLOCKING your path to a great marriage?

Keep stomping with your boots.

BIND God’s peace into your mind and emotions.

Partner with the Holy Spirit and be confident that God will provide His peace that passes all understanding.

“And the peace of God will, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” Phil.4:7

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4 Dec




Do you know how to identify parasites in your marriage?

Are you even WATCHING out for parasites?

A parasite is a follower who hangs around a host in hope of gain or advantage.

The Apostle Paul tells us to have on the BREASTPLATE of righteousness for a crucial reason.

“Stand therefore…having on the breastplate of righteousness” Eph.6:14

A breastplate covers the heart and vital organs and keeps them from harm or being destroyed.

In our spiritual ARSENAL, we have the breastplate of righteousness and all we have to do is put it on.

1Thess.5:8 “…having put on a breastplate of faith and love…”

God’s character is the definition and source of all righteousness.

Satan’s attacks come against your marriage with crafty ACCUSATIONS that undermine what God is doing in your marriage.

Remember that you are wearing the breastplate of righteousness when the enemy comes around to destroy.

Righteousness is anything that conforms to a standard and our standard is the WORD of God.

An area the enemy thrusts at marriages is unrighteousness in our finances.

Finances are at the top for reasons that cause the most DIVORCES.

The enemy tries to get you to hide money from your spouse.

He will cause you to have a spending frenzy so you will try to SPEND as much money as you can before your spouse does.

Being righteous in your finances means that you surrender to the Holy Spirit who fills and controls you.

Warfare starts in the battlefield of your MIND.

Be sure that you pay tithes and offerings so that you will not be robbing God and closing the windows of heaven.

Gods Word says that when we give, he opens up HEAVEN to us.

Do you and your spouse argue about money?

Arguing over finances NEVER solves marital problems.

If the finances cannot be resolved, you can either hire a financial advisor or a Christian marital counselor who can teach you some communication skills.

Money is to be a tool to bring us closer to God as we commit our finances to Him.

Are you FULL of parasites?

My flock has become prey and food for every wild animal.”  How so?  For “they lack a shepherd.” (Eze.34:8)

Are parasites hanging on you trying to take advantage of your situation?

Parasites promise PLEASURE but grow and consume more of your thoughts and time.

Your loyalty to your spouse and your time are stolen away.

Pay attention to your marriage and GUARD it!

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”  Prov.4:23 NIV

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