4 May


Years ago we went to see one of the cutest animated movies ever.  It was called “Happy Feet.”  This was about a young penguin who was born with feet that were different than the other penguins.  He was teased by all the other penguins.  His feet would dance instead of walk.  All through the movie, he was not excepted by the penguins because of his dancing feet.

As we once again, continue to be “profile peekers”, we will see how in Proverbs 31 this virtuous woman had “Happy Hands.”

Prov.31:19 “She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff.”

Watch out if a woman’s hands are idle and if she is not engaged in worthwhile, constructive pursuits.

If the devil can catch a woman (or man) idle, he’ll set them to work for him.

When it says, “…she layeth…”, it tells us that by her example, she provokes her servants to labor.

CASE AND POINT:  There are times when I am so tired or so busy.  That is when my husband will ask me for help.  I immediately want to tell him “NO!!  When I see his determination and passion, I immediately find myself helping him.  Why??  His passion electrifies me and I start thinking of what I could possibly do, to do my part.

This woman sets an example of skillfulness and industriousness.

She DEVELOPS her skills and talents through education and diligent application.

What are you doing with the skills and talents that God has given you.

How many times has your husband asked you to help him with something, and because of your bitterness or anger, you have IGNORED his immediate need.

You sit on your gifting and abilities out of selfishness.

“Happy Hands”, the virtuous woman, is able to use what God has given her because of her Christ like attitude.

Phil.2:5 “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:”

Your ATTITUDE should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.

“Happy Hands” have to think positive and have a positive attitude.

Is the mind of  “self-emptying” in you?

This is needed in order for you to be the spouse that you and God, desire you to be.

In Phil. 2:5-8, it tells us that Christ humbled himself.  Lets see the steps that were taken by him.

  1. Consecrated to humble himself. (v.5)
  2. Laid aside His divine side (v.6)
  3. Made himself of no reputation (v.7)
  4. Took the form of a servant (v.7)
  5. Was made in the likeness of men (v.7)
  6. Humbled Himself (v.8)
  7. Became obedient unto death (v.8)

These verses are saying that He (Jesus) emptied Himself of His divine nature, to assume the form of a servant and become like man.

Do you believe this???

Jesus did that for us so that we can be with Him through ETERNITY.

This was not an easy task for Him but he did it willingly.

He asks us to be a servant to our spouse.

He knows that it is HARD for us so he left us a “helper.”

Have you ever watched “Cupcake Wars” on the FOOD NETWORK CHANNEL?  They give you a team in order to help you win.

The Holy Spirit is better than a team.

The Holy Spirit is God himself and he wants he help you WIN.

Why would you not want the Holy Spirit to invade your being, to help make you the spouse that God wants you to be.

You can do it right this minute.

Just ask the Holy Spirit to take complete control and let go.

You will see a miracle in your attitude.

You will have those “Happy Hands.”

NOTE: Don’t miss tomorrow’s post.  Daily there is a new post.

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