19 Dec


“…that you being rooted and grounded in love…”

When we plant a living seed into healthy soil, we expect it to blossom.

And just as flowers in a greenhouse are supplied with an ideal environment for growth, so a home filled with love provides the ideal atmosphere for people to bloom.

We know that children who grow up in loving families tend to sleep deeper, stand taller, and venture farther than those who are never secure in their parents’ love.

Likewise, when you provide safe, loving soil for your spouse to grow in, they will be more likely to flourish with confidence, knowing that they are valued and secure.

What happens when someone is loved over the years?

Their needs are met, dreams encouraged, opinions heard, and successes praised.

They’re assured of your patience and forgiveness when they fail, and free to express themselves honestly without fear of your judgement.

They’ll even weather intense seasons of disappointment with the stability your love supplies.

Admit it–we’d all love to be loved like that.


How will your mate be affected by living with you in the future?

Will they become radiant or saddened?

Confident or angry?

Will you dare to create a loving environment for your spouse to grow in?

NOTE:  This article was take from “The Love Dare” by Kendrick

NOTE:  Daily there is a new post to help your marriage succeed.

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