25 Aug



“Now,”  Jesus said, “I have a ride home all lined up for you.  I have been getting the driver ready for Me and for you while you were out riding The Fun Bus.”  Jesus turned me around, and I saw my wife Charlyne.  She was smiling and looked so peaceful and happy.  I could tell by the way that she talked to Jesus that they knew each other well.  I wished that some day I could know Him that way.

“Honey,” the wife of my youth said, “Jesus and I want you to come home now. You have three children and a wife who need you.  I have been talking to the Lord about us all the time you have been out riding on THE FUN BUS.  I have forgiven you for everything, and the Lord will also, if you will only ask.”

Wow!  I never thought that Charlyne would come up the creek to get me.  How could she ever want me back?  After all, she knew a lot of what went on while I was aboard THE FUN BUS.  I was to ashamed and hurt to climb in with her.  I wanted to so badly, but I just couldn’t.  What would others say if I came back to the wife whom I had walked out on?

I started walking down the road of life.  I knew that Charlyne was not far away, standing and praying for me, and that I could go with her at any time, but I had my pride.  No one could put me so far up the creek that I could not make it on my own.

My feet were blistered and I was whipped, but I kept my shoulders back, and walked with a good stride.  No one could ever know how much I hurt.  I started out to have a good time, and I was going to be happy.  No one knew it, or so I thought, but this path was killing me.

What hurt most of all was to look over to the creek that ran parallel to my road and to see happy couples floating by.  The places that rent tubes in Bryson City all have their initials on their tubes in huge letters.  I did not know what GL was until I yelled to one of the other men floating by.  “It’s ‘God’s Love.’  Friend, that’s the only way to have fun making it down the creek.  Say, where’s your wife, and why are you walking instead of tubing?”

“She left me,” I lied back, “and I am walking because I enjoy walking.”

“Doesn’t look to me like you are enjoying things very much,” he shouted as he and his wife floated out of sight, around a bend, in two big GL tubes.

The Fun Bus came by several times, offering a ride.  Once or twice I almost got in, but each time I remembered how Jesus had looked when He sent that driver away.  I wished that there had been no Fun Bus in my life.  How I wished that Charlyne and I were there having a good time together floating by on GL tubes, the best on the mountain.

I saw Charlyne drive by several times.  Not once did she stop and beg, nor did she threaten or manipulate me to come home.  She was just there.  I asked myself why she looked so happy and I was so miserable.  We were both divorced, but now she radiated love.  Not until a long time later did I realize that her car was traveling on GL tires and the love that I saw in her was the love of Christ.  Then it happened.  Jesus came by again.  He looked at me with the same eyes that had send The Fun Bus scampering.  The Lord spoke only three words.  “Bob, go home.”

Suddenly it all came together for me.  I turned around and Charlyne was there, but The Fun Bus was gone.  I climbed in and started home.  Just a bit farther ahead, we passed that couple on the GL Tubes.  He excitedly pointed me out to his wife and both gave us a big thumbs up and smiled.  They knew what had happened.

That has been a while ago.  If I can do anything in this life for the Lord, it will be to help keep other husbands and wives from taking “The Fun Bus.”  My friend, there is no fun to be had on Satan’s bus.

Bob Steinkamp

Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc.

NOTE:  Daily there is a new post to help your marriage succeed.

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