4 Jul


A red flag often serves as a warning signal and is widely used as a bad weather warning.

A red flag weather warning can save many LIVES.

In the O.T. they used banners to warn the Jews that they were being attacked and had to get ready for battle.  The banners were place strategically as a rallying point so that the troops could see them before a battle.

When our marriage is under attack, we need to call out to God, YAHWEH NISSI.

Moses built an altar and called it YAHWEH NISSI that means“The LORD is my Banner.”

GOD intervened to make the Israelites victorious over their enemy after crossing the Red Sea.  This was their first battle

Ex.17:8-16  “For hands were lifted up to the throne of the LORD.  The LORD will be at war against the Amalekites from generation to generation.”

As you face spiritual battles of any kind you will be confident in the Lords protection and power.

Do you try to fight your own battles with your own strength?

Use the power of God’s strength as you fight many battles on your way to the promised land: HEAVEN.

God alone, YAHWEH NISSI, gives you victory no matter how fierce the enemy.

CASE AND POINT:  Many years ago my husband and I went to the Ronald Reagan Library.  There was an array of articles that had so much history attached to them.  At one part of this museum stood a section of the Berlin Wall that was donated to the Library.  This was the wall that divided East Germany from West Germany.  When the wall came down, the world cheered because now the people in East Germany were free.  We were able to purchase a tiny piece of this wall which hangs in my husbands office.  The people who now gained their freedom were left to face an enormous battle.  These people now had to adjust into other European countries in order to survive which was a very hard and long process.

This is exactly what happened to the Jews while crossing the Red Sea and trying to get to their promise land.  They encountered their first battle with the Amalekites, which resulted in victory for the Israelites.

As you may be facing many marital battles coming against your marriage, don’t neglect to hold up the banner of God’s power high.

Has your life been fueled with disappointment and you are now lacking faith?

You must ask God, YAHWEH NISSI, to put a fighting spirit in you for your children.

Ultimately, they need to see you put your trust and faith in a powerful God.

Ask God to wave His banner for your children to see.

1Cor.1:18 “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.”

Live under the banner of the cross of Christ.

Ask God for help in your life and in your marriage!!!

Raise that “Red Flag”.

NOTE:  Daily there is a new post to help your marriage succeed.

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