12 Mar


SOMETHING MEMORABLE HAPPENS to almost all newlyweds.  A husband or wife assembles a pile of bills and receipts, looks at the checkbook balance—and then breaks into a cold sweat! If the differing expectations and value systems present in every new home have not collided before now, they are about to.

There’s no question that differing ways of handling money cause stress in most marriages.  While most of us want to believe that our only real money problem is not having enough, deep down, we all know a lack of money is not the real issue.  We need the knowledge and discipline to use wisely the money we already have.

God uses money to test us.  He certainly did this with Gehazi, the servant of Elisha—a man who failed the test and who paid dearly for it (2Kings 5:26).  God tests us to see whether we are going to trust Him to supply our needs.

We need to remember some of what the Scripture teaches about money:

#1.  We are stewards, not owners, of money (Matt.25:14-29).  All our wealth comes from God and we need to acknowledge that He has given us money to manage wisely.

#2.  Our use of money is a measure of where our hearts are.  If you want to know your real values, study your checkbook records and see where you spend money.

#3.  Giving is not optional.  Most understand that the Scriptures teach us to tithe.  That’s a good beginning point.  As a husband and wife, you should frequently reassess where you are investing.  The Bible is clear that investing in God’s work is imperishable.

Money is part of life, not its essence or goal.  If we keep our attention on God and His objectives, then we will walk in obedience and help build His kingdom, and He will richly supply our needs (1Tim.6:17,18).

NOTE:  This article came from the book “Family Life and Marriage Bible” by Dennis and Barbara Rainey.

NOTE:  Daily there is a new post that will help make your marriage a success!

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