5 Feb


Question:  How can a woman encourage her husband to be a spiritual leader?

Answer:  When we first married, it never occurred to me that Dennis didn’t know how to provide spiritual leadership.  I didn’t know that for most husbands this has to be learned in marriage.

It may take years for a man to grow spiritually so that he can lead his wife.  Many never had a good model of spiritual leadership as they grew up.  It’s important to realize there are different ways to give spiritual leadership in the home.

My big mistake early on was thinking that spiritual leadership meant you have daily devotions.  I didn’t realize that a man can give spiritual leadership in all kinds of other ways.  If he points his children to Christ and to the Scripture, then he is giving spiritual leadership.  It doesn’t have to be in a formal Bible study.

Pray that God will give your husband a heart to lead your family spiritually.  Be grateful for any kind of spiritual leadership he displays.  Be patient, because it may not come as quickly as you would like.

Find a good resource (devotional) for your family to use and set him up to win with your family by scheduling the time and encouraging him to lead.  Finally, affirm your husband for what he does right.  Even if it is as little as praying over meals, thank him for the spiritual leadership that he initiates.

Our Caution:  Whatever yo do, do not nag.  There are ways to encourage him to be the spiritual leader without constantly nagging him.

NOTE:  This post came from an article in “Family Life Marriage Bible” by Dennis and Barbara Rainey.

NOTE:  Daily there is a new post to help your marriage be successful.

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