22 Jan


NOTE:  Although this question is about the wife, it can also be for the husbands.  This question and answer came from the book Family Life and Marriage bible by Dennis and Barbara Rainey.

Question #1.  How can I best find out what my wife’s real needs are?

Answer #2.  I have an assignment for you:  Take your wife out on a date or a retreat, where you ask her the following questions:

*  What can I do to help you feel more loved, honored, and cherished?

*  What can I do to illustrate the fact that I respect you, your ideas, and your role as my wife?

*  What can I do to assure you that I hear and understand your heart’s desires?

*  What can I do to ensure that you have confidence and joy in our future direction?

*  What attribute or practice would you like to see me improve or develop?

*  What attribute would you most like to develop in yourself?

*  What would indicate to you my desire to be more like Christ?

*  What mutual goal would you like to see us accomplish together?

I got these questions from a friend of mine, Tom Eliff, who poses them to his wife every year.  He takes notes as his wife talks, and then writes out a clear statement of his intentions in response to each of these issues.  Last, he signs a pledge.  I can promise you—his wife feels loved and cared for!

NOTE: Daily there is a new post to help your marriage be a success.

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