9 Jan


Marriage is like the hub of a wheel.

It provides a point of strength, and as such should provide each spouse with an assurance of total acceptance.

In marriage, we find a haven from others’ rejection and disapproval.

But God never intended for a husband or a wife to bear the total responsibility for building self-esteem in a spouse!

That would be an enormous weight for one person to carry.

Instead, both partners need to reach out from the hub and extend spokes of friendship to strengthen each of them.

These spokes do not threaten the security and strength of the hub.

Instead, the presence of a few stout and loyal friends enhances and strengthens the marriage.

You may be thinking, My mate and I like each other–we don’t need anyone else.

But no matter how good a marriage you have, you still need friends.

A married couple with no outside friends will be unable to achieve a healthy, balanced relationship.

Mature believers recognize their need for friends outside the marriage–close confidants with whom they can be real, unaffected, and natural.

NOTE:  Daily there is a new post to help your marriage be a success.

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