13 Dec


The third reason for God not answering our marital prayers is when our life is prayerless.

God will not ACT on behalf of your marriage if you do not pray.

Prayer is part of the apprenticeship program God ordained to train us for our royal duties.

God can overcome satan on His own but this would rob us of the practice and strength we would gain by overcoming.

ILLUSTRATION:  Larry Byrd vs. Magic Johnson.  Both of these men were basketball rivals.  They became outstanding because they tried to out do each other.  They were both hired to do a commercial ad together which was to take place outside of Byrd’s mothers house.  When it was lunch time, Byrd asked Magic Johnson to have lunch with him instead of eating inside his trailer.  When Magic accepted, Byrd took him right into his mother’s house where lunch had been prepared for the two of them.  After being rivals for years, it was the first time in their life they had ever talked to each other.  They discovered in that conversation there was a lot they had in common.  After that day, they became best friends.  They continued to stay close for the years to come.  When Magic found out he had the HIV virus, Byrd was the first friend he called.  Byrd was very upset about his friends illness and committed himself to be his encourager.

Larry Byrd and Magic Johnson both became champions by practicing to defeat one another.

By you and I praying, this gives us an edge on the assaults that satan throws at us.

Daniel’s intercession

Daniel was in prayer and fasting for his nation.  God heard his prayer the first day but it took 21 days for the angel to get the answer to him.

Daniel 10:12-13  “…the mighty Evil Spirit who overrules the kingdom of Persia blocked my way.  Then Michael, one of the top officers of the heavenly army, came to help me, so that I was able to break through these spirit rulers of Persia.”

While Daniel was interceding, a battle was raging in heaven.

Satan will never allow your prayer answer to reach you if he can prevent it.

Psa.106:23 “…had Moses not stood in the breach, to turn away His wrath, God would have destroyed them.”

One of the reasons why prayers are not answered is the failure to continue with persistence until the answer is received.

Satan is a trained strategist and will not acknowledge defeat until he has to.

Luke 11:9 “…ask and keep on asking…the door shall open…”

Hab.2:3 “…if it be long, then wait…”   This verse is talking about waiting for the answer.

It is the battle of the wills between satan and us.

Eph.6:13 “…take up the whole armor of God…having done all, to stand…”

If you want to see your marital prayers answered, then pray and don’t stop.

Those are not my words, those are God’s divine words to us.

He wants us to be champions in the area of prayer.

He wants us to have a “Marriage of Champions.”

If Magic Johnson was able to achieve what he did through practice, how much more can we accomplish in our marriage.

NOTE:  Daily there is a new post to help make your marriage a success.

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