2 Nov


Our God is a God that “hates.”  With God, hate is good.

God hates sin!

In Proverbs and Psalms he lists things he hates.

One of them is in Prov. 6:18 “…the Lord hates…a heart that devises wicked imagination…”

God does watch your heart and your thoughts concerning your spouse.

Remember that the heart is the “command and control” center of a person.

Being caught up in sin “in a moment” is one thing; but it’s another thing when you plot and scheme about what type of wickedness to do to someone.

In the Old Testament, premeditated sins were judged harshly compared to sins committed in the passion of the moment. (Joshua 20).

CASE AND POINT:  There was a story about a wife who ran over her husband’s girlfriend.  This story was all over the news.  What made this story hit all the news stations was the type of woman she was.  She was a wonderful gentle woman.  Everyone who knew her said they had never seen her mad.  She was a very elegant and loving woman.   Well then what happened.  She had been married to her husband for over ten years and had a teenage stepdaughter.  She loved them both and devoted her life to caring for their needs.  She received a call that her husband was having an affair and if she wanted to catch him, she should go to a certain hotel.  The person told her that her husband and his girlfriend had been in the room for quite a while but if she came quickly, she would catch them coming out.  She did not believe it was true but she put her step-daughter in the car and headed for the hotel.  As she pulled into the parking lot, her husband crossed with the girl.  She ran over him twice and killed him with his daughter screaming in the car.  At the trial, her step-daughter testified on her behalf.  She told the court that the woman who ran over her dad in the car is not the woman who her stepmother is.  She told the court that her stepmother was overcome with shock and anger.  The wife cried and said she was so sorry and can’t live with the horror of what she did.  I remember wanting the jury to let her go because I felt many women would have done the same thing under those circumstances.  However, murder is murder and I could not justify it if it were one of my family members.  She was sentenced to prison.

What lowered this woman’s sentence was that she did not premeditate it.

She did not have a history of anger and wicked ACTIONS.

Do you have a history of being angry with your spouse?

Do you pursue things that will be DESTRUCTIVE to your spouse?

Remember that if you do, it will also affect others that are around him.

The outcome will affect you as well.

Jesus’ entire mission was a heart that devised plans that would bring BLESSINGS.

Your mission as a spouse needs to be a heart of love, prayer and encouragement.

God loves a heart that ponders RIGHTEOUSNESS, but he hates a heart that devises wickedness.

Which heart best identifies you as a spouse?


NOTE:  Daily there is a new post to help your marriage be a success.

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