10 Oct


A TV talk show host was interviewing one of Hollywood’s biggest male stars, a man known for his prowess with the opposite sex.

At one point, the host asked him, “What makes a great lover?”

“Two things,” the actor replied.  “First of all, it is a man who can satisfy one woman over a lifetime.

And second, it is a man who can be satisfied with one woman for a lifetime.”

What a great answer!

The foundation of a strong, romantic marriage is a solid commitment of unconditional love.

Romance is an outward expression of that love.

It is the fire in the fireplace—the warm response of one spouse to another that says, “We may have struggles, but I love you, and everything is okay.  Now, let’s have some fun!”

The easiest way to increase the amount of true romance in your marriage is to build a lasting marriage of oneness and intimacy.

And how do you accomplish that?

You and your mate must commit to meet each other’s physical and emotional needs.

Do that, and you’ll start to make romance an everyday part of your marriage.

NOTE:  This article in the book “Family Life Marriage Bible” by Dennis and Barbara Rainey.

NOTE:  Daily there is a new post to help make your marriage a success.

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