19 Sep


Before you try to discover how you can love and serve God fully in your life and in your marriage, you must understand a few key truths.

Without them, you would be like an old-time miner descending into a gold or silver mine to search for precious metals with no hard hat, pick, or flashlight.

First, God is intricately and ingeniously involved in creation.  

He knows the grains of sand in the ocean (Gen.22:17), the names of all the stars (Ps.147:4), the number of hairs on your head, and the very instant every little sparrow dies (Matt.10:29,30).

If he knows the tiny details from the bottom of the ocean to the ends of the universe, then we can correctly assume that He knows everything that is going on in our lives as well.

Second, God is sovereign.

He is fully in charge.

He has a divine design for each life.

God’s overall plan, clearly, is to redeem humanity to Himself.

Incredibly, He has chosen to use men and women like you and like us to execute His plan of influencing eternity.

Third, you are God’s workmanship, and He created you to be part of fulfilling His plans for humanity (Eph.2:10).  

God has woven a plan in every person’s heart that is revealed over time.

He wants us to help each other discover these passions and to have a vision for our lives.

Discuss with your spouse what he or she is  passionate about.

What’s his vision?

What would she do if she knew she couldn’t fail?

You can be a human crowbar that dislodges dreams, goals and unexpressed desires from inside your spouse’s heart.

As you discuss together the greatness of God and the unspeakable privilege of being chosen by Him, you’ll quickly discover what a privilege it is to have a part in serving Him and His kingdom.

He does have a plan for each person.

NOTE:  This article  is from the “Family Life Marriage Bible by Dennis & Barbara Rainey.

NOTE:  Every day there is a new post to inspire your marriage to be successful.

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