12 Sep


NOTE:  The following article is from the book “The Love Dare – Day by Day” By Kendrick

CAN YOU IMAGINE how relieved Joseph’s brothers felt when their now-powerful younger sibling told them, “Do not be afraid; I will provide for you and your little ones”?

And can you picture their body language when he “comforted them and spoke kindly to them” (50:21)?  Joseph’s words were powerful.

Our wives need the same kind of affirming words that create security and comfort.

To encourage and bless your wife, affirm her consistently with pleasant, loving words.

Let her know that you value, respect, and love her.

Some evenings I come home, and  I’m absolutely amazed at how busy Barbara has been for me and the children.

Running errands, settling squabbles, fixing meals–the list is endless.

Occasionally, I’ll miss my cue to encourage her and she’ll say, “You know what I would like you to do?  Just tell me you appreciate what I am doing for you!”

You can tell your wife how much you appreciate her through specific compliments:

*  “I appreciate your efforts to keep my clothes clean and pressed.  You’re incredible!”

*  “Thanks for looking so nice today.”

*  “I appreciate always being able to count on you to follow through, no matter what.”

*  “Thanks for being there—for always putting the children and me ahead of yourself.”

NOTE:  Daily there is a new post to assist you in making your marriage a success.

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