18 Aug


The greatest spiritual gifts that the LORD left us are faith, hope and charity.

The Apostle Paul said in 1Corin.13:7, “…Love…hopes all things…”

Hope is not merely a “future state of happiness.”

In the secular world, they see “hope” as future expectations.

What is the difference between biblical hope and secular hope?

It’s the source!   Hope in a LIVING GOD!!

Marriages suffer from stress within and from outside.

Do you at times feel like a ship at sea in the middle of a storm tossed to and fro.

If we aren’t careful, that can take a toll on us and destroy our marriage.

Don’t become a prisoner of negative influences or it will tear your marriage apart.

When we gave our lives to Jesus, we became a captive to the hope we have in Jesus.

Return to the stronghold, you prisoners of hope.  Even today I declare that I will restore double to you.”

Remember that we have His promise, as prisoners of hope, that He will restore double to us after each trial.

Our hope is not based on “wishful thinking!”

Biblical faith is founded on faith in the factual content of the gospel.

  • Jesus’ death was due to our sins;
  • Jesus was buried;
  • On the third day Jesus was raised from the dead;
  • Because we believe this, we are believed to be righteous.

Because of these facts, we have hope in our marriage.

Believers are energized by Holy Spirit who dwells in us and gives us that living hope.

All believers have hope but it is not “pie in the sky dream”.

This is a firm assurance that enables you to confidently face the problems around you.

Be confident that Jesus will keep all His promises.

Biblical hope is the certain expectation of God’s blessing, based on God’s faithful actions.

Jesus taught them not to be anxious about the future because that future is in the hands of your loving Father.

Hope right now can help you be satisfied with the joys of this life.

Hope provides the urge to live a pure life.

Hope helps us to be patient.

God wants to help your marriage grow stronger together.

Put your hope in Him.

NOTE:  Tomorrow there is a new post to help make your marriage successful.

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