26 Jun


Question #1.  My husbands teenage daughter just informed us that she is pregnant.  My question is, how far as a Christian parent do we go with this?  Do we participate in this child’s life?  My husband is not sure if we should cut his daughter off.  She lives out of state with her mother.  Do we support her in any of this?

Answer #1.  My answer will be on how to support your step daughter through this unfortunate situation.  She is pregnant, so we can’t go backwards.  At the age of 14, she is a child.  Your husband should make all the decisions concerning his daughter.  You can help him with suggestions only if he asks for them.  Do not let your feelings get hurt because this is not about you.  This is about his daughter and you need to be supportive to your husband decisions.  When you married your husband, you knew he had children.  God will show your husband, day by day, as to what he is to do in this situation.  This child was probably looking for love and attention in all the wrong places.  The child will now need all the love and attention that she can possibly get from her dad.  It may turn out that he will have to converse with the mother to make decisions.  Don’t allow jealousy or other workings of the flesh to take control of you.  This is a crucial time in his child’s life and he needs to put her first.  He should try to communicate with her on a daily basis.  Till she is at least 18, he needs to be hands on in her life.  He can never enjoy his life knowing that his daughters is messed up.  Give him his space to be withdrawn at times.  You are the “helpmeet” so assist him in whatever help he needs.  God will bless you for that and your husband will love you even more.

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