13 Jun


Everyone must adjust to qualities in a spouse that went unnoticed or got ignored during the dreamy days of dating.  How many individuals have encountered a painful frustration in marriage and asked themselves, Why did I do this?  Did I marry the wrong person?

When these questions arise, you need to confront them immediately.  If you don’t resolve these doubts promptly, they will hang around indefinitely, like a dark and distant cloud on the horizon of your relationship.

If you find yourself struggling with this question, go back to the admonition in Genesis 2:24-25, where spouses are commanded to leave, cleave, become one flesh, and be completely transparent with each other.  If such doubts bother you, face them by getting away alone for a weekend to seek out the Lord and pray for His peace on this matter.

Let me assure you that you are married to the right person.  How do I know this?  Because God hates divorce and He wants your marriage to last!  You may have gone against some biblical admonitions in getting to where you are, but the Scripture is clear: You’re not to try to undo a mistake and, in the process, make a second one.

NOTE:  This article was taken from Family Life Marriage Bible by Dennis & Barbara Rainey

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