10 Jun


Everyone loves anything that is homemade for an array of reasons.  They know that the ingredients are fresh with no preservatives in them.  These homemade goods were cooked or baked with love.

Let’s look at Titus in Gods word.

Titus 2:3-5  “…the aged women…should teach the young women… to be keepers at home…”

This is an admonition not to neglect your domestic duties.

This does not mean that a woman should be IMPRISONED in her own home and not work or be involved in anything outside of the home.

Caring for the home is what is implied in this verse.

The bible clearly states that a women’s highest calling, is to be a “keeper at home.’

1Tim.5:14 “I will therefore that the younger women marry…guide the house…”

The meaning for “guide the house” in the Greek, refers to RULE A FAMILY.  This doesn’t mean your husband is under you.  It is an expression given to a watchdog or a rooster.  This is talking to the person who watches over the family making sure that all members are taken care of and everything is in good order.

The apostle Paul is teaching the husband what the role of his wife is suppose to be.  Her purpose in life, is to guide that house.

This FREES up the husband to do other things to provide and protect his family.

This is no menial chore since the wife has to be a master planner, a budgeter, learn culinary skills, and excel in interior decorating.

Are you organized and disciplined when it comes to YOUR home?

God is glorified in a well kept house that is a blessing to others.

Is your home a place where people FEEL welcomed, comfortable and at peace?

When you are a “keeper at home”, you fulfill a high calling and fulfill a blessed role.

A wife’s role is so vital and demanding that she must devote herself to this role entirely.

You cannot decide you will be a “keeper at home” this week, then not come back to it for a month.

You need to stay on top of it everyday.

CASE AND POINT:  I was watching the Food Network Channel and heard the producer say something very important.  As the chef’s were competing against each other to have their own show, she told them there were three things needed in their presentations: warmth, information, and magic.

That really excited me when I heard it because my thought was that as a “keeper at home” , we need those three ingredients to be successful.

WARMTH – Show tenderness to your family members so that they know you are always approachable.  We are not to be the drill sergeant but a loving mother.  Remember that our home is our place of refuge.  It is not a place to be yelled and criticized.

INFORMATION – We get our information from the word of God.  We are to teach and inform the family members how they need to love and respect each other.  This is where you control what is watched on TV, listened to on the radio and done or said in the house. If one of your children accuses you of favoring another child, you can tell them you are defending godly principles in your home.  Whoever breaks those godly rules will suffer the repercussion no matter who it is.

MAGIC – We believe in miracles and the power of the Holy Spirit.  As the “keeper at home”, it is your job to keep the presence of the Holy Spirit in your home.  You might be upset because no one is serving God the way you want them to but you need to daily seek God for guidance and believe in His miracle working power.

Managing your home is your constant occupation.

A woman who neglects her responsibilities, her house will come to ruin.  Prov.14:1 “…the foolish woman plucketh it (house) down with her hands.”

Do you give your home the priority it deserves?

Do you TREASURE your role as an indispensable wife and mother?

Is your home well ordered?

Allow the Holy Spirit to help you.

NOTE:  Don’t miss tomorrows post.  Daily there is a new post.

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