20 Feb


Question #1.   What are some ways to encourage your husband?

Answer #1  I am not sure if you mean spiritually or as a husband.  The best thing that you can do is to pray for him.  On Sunday Feb.20th, we have an article that is on 31 days of how to pray for your husband.  It’s great cause it has a prayer for each day of the month.  I will give you five other verses of what the bible says we can do.

Gentle and quiet spirit:  It’s best not to say anything and just be quiet.  1Pet.3:1-5

Trust:  Trust God that he will do the work in your spouse.  Prov.31:11

Goodness:  Be good to him and show him love.  Prov.31:12

Praise:  Don’t embarrass him and brag about him.  Prov.31:23

Kindness and wisdom:  Be kind and use wisdom  Prov.31:26

Question #2.  How do you stay in love with your husband, even when times are hard?

Answer #2  This is a question that most women ask.  First you need to read the love chapter which is 1Cor.13.  Read it till you have it in your heart.

Remember that as you draw closer to God and the more you fall in love with him, it will cause you to fall in love with your spouse even more.  This is what you need to concentrate on.

Put the Holy Spirit in the middle of your heart and your marriage.  This will cause you not to hurt the Holy Spirit and make you want to act in a loving way.  I try to act in a way that is pleasing to God, not in a manner to get my way.

ASSIGNMENT:  I tell the wives in my marriage class to think of one thing their husbands do that really makes them mad.  Just one thing.  Wives usually tell me they have one hundred things.  Don’t tell anyone what it is that gets you the madest.  Don’t even tell your husband.  Take that thing and give it to God.  Every time he does it, give it to God.  It won’t be easy but do it.  Just keep your mouth closed, smile and trust God.

You will be shocked how God will intervene on your behalf.  It may take a while but make a committment to trust God and be patient.

Usually the things our husbands do over and over again are what causes a wife to get drained from her love. Be consistent and wait for your miracle.

The things that would upset me for days, have zero effect on me now.

It feels so good to know that there is really nothing that can get me mad anymore.

I can be in complete control but it’s my choice to obey my emotions or allow the Holy Spirit to get the glory.

NOTE:  Don’t miss tomorrow.  This is one of the best marriage articles I have read.

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