6 Dec


NO ONE CAN BUILD a strong marriage without spending time cultivating a relationship with God.  But to develop genuine faith, you need knowledge.  Knowledge comes before conviction, and an accurate knowledge of God comes as we spend time in the scriptures.

How well do you know God?  Did you know that God praises the individual who “understands and knows Me, that I am the Lord, exercising lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth.  For in these I delight” (Jer.9:24)?  How well do you understand and know God?

Early in my life I went through a period where I thought I had a terminal disease.  I was honestly shocked at how poorly I handled my apparent crisis.  I couldn’t sleep.  I was preoccupied with my condition.  My faith was rocked.

The crisis passed and it was determined that I didn’t have the disease.  The whole event ended up being a wake-up call for me by revealing that I needed to know more about God and understand His love and plan for my life.

That experience showed me that my faith is only as good as it’s object.  It is confidence, a firm conviction that God and His Word are true.

If we are to trust God with our lives, we need to know that our heavenly Father loves us.  How can we trust that which we do not know?  How can we exhibit faith in God if we don’t know Him?

So again, how well do you know God?  How much time have you spent with Him lately?  Pray that God would give you a deeper knowledge of Him and that you and your spouse will grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

NOTE:  This article was taken from the book Family Life and Marriage Bible by Dennis and Barbara Rainey.

NOTE:  Daily there is a new post to help your marriage succeed.

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