21 Nov


Question #1:  What can I do to rekindle my wife’s desire for romance?

Answer #1:  Use the following top ten list as a place to start.

1.  Hold Hands.  Hold hands while driving, walking, sitting in church, or talking in bed.

2.   Give her a massage.  Give foot rubs, back rubs, neck rubs, or a body massage.

3.   Serve her.  Remember the common courtesies:  opening the door, pulling out a chair for her, etc.

4.   Give her a kiss.  Nibble on the back of her ear or her neck, or just kiss her before leaving for work.

5.   Walk together.  As a couple, go for a walk in the early morning, after dinner, or as the sun sets.

6.   Write something romantic.  Leave notes, letters, poems, cards. and other romantic written messages where she’ll find them.

7.  Go out on a date.  A weekly date without the kids can be a lifesaver.

8.  Prepare a meal.  Have a quiet meal together with candlelight, linger over breakfast, or go on a picnic.

9.   Touch her tenderly.  Use nonsexual touch: hold her, hug her, cuddle with her,  or place an arm around her in public.

10.   Give her flowers.  Deliver, hand-pick, or bring home a single rose.  Tulips are a great second choice!

NOTE:  This article was taken from the book Family Life and Marriage Bible by Dennis and Barbara Rainey.

NOTE:  Daily there is a new post to help your marriage succeed.


  1. Tyrone Cornelious November 21, 2020 at 8:53 pm #

    .. I have followed you for a couple of years ( off and on). I agree with a lot of your comments and definitely your scenarios that line up with the word of God especially. But my wife is definitely different.. Raised in a religious family ( no hard grounded Godly trues) that could help our marriage or her marriage before.. These things I’ve learned on my own, and still fell has a man. Her parameters of marriage have always been a little backwards.. I have tried to teach her 3 things that come in a holy covenant. God, spouse, kids.. It is a start, but I honestly believe in that God has created marriage to be very special.. In this world we live in, we are constantly tugged on , so I give in a lot, because she just doesn’t know.. So, what i would say to you Ms. Nancy is, that are very good godly man out there that give in to their wives and not all need to be trained to be those romantic sensitive creatures. My question to you is, how about the women being critique on when they have a good thing, and they know God sent it, cherish that man in every aspect.. Women need to hear that from a very well respected columnist like yourself.. And when they do hear that from you, will they respond.

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