24 Oct


Question #1:  What does it mean to focus on my wife?

Answer #1:  Focus means giving someone your undivided attention. I win in my relationship with Barbara when I turn from my list of priorities in order to zero in on her. I win when I listen to her without staring at the television or going through the mail. I win when I respond thoughtfully to what she has said. Sometimes that means ignoring the cell phone while she’s trying to bare her soul. I’ve learned that there are times when she wants my attention, even if we aren’t saying anything!

A great way to focus on your wife is to enjoy a regular date night. (Sunday night was our standard time to get away and talk.) Or consider heading to bed early and asking her how her day was. Focus fosters communication and a deeper connection.

Focus also understands her needs for romance. Do you recall how she spells it?  R-e-l-a-t-i-o-n-s-h-i-p. Spend energy prayerfully thinking about how you can meet her needs for romance. Craft a highly romantic day and evening just for her. On paper, spell out the specifics of how you are going to focus on her-a love letter, a gift, flowers, a walk, a picnic or a nice meal, a drawn bubble bath, scented candles and a massage.  Make sure you are speaking her love language, not your own.

NOTE:  This article was taken from the book Family Life and Marriage Bible.

NOTE:  Daily there is a new post to help your marriage succeed.

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