11 Aug


The Apostle Paul used the word AGAPE to describe the highest level of love in this world that is from God.

Paul uses the description to explain what AGAPE love is in 1Corinthians 13.

God designed these verses so we would know if we were walking at his highest level of loving.

1Cor.13:4 “Charity (agape love) suffereth long…”

Long suffering, in the Greek, MAKROTHUMIA, means “the patient restraint of anger.”

Long suffering is to endure, to put up with people and circumstances.

Do you lose your patience from time to time with your spouse?

Do these situations involve people or things?

What are some of these situations that cause you not to be so long-suffering?

Long suffering is when you are in a difficult situation with your spouse or anyone else and you decide to put up with them.

Once you accept Jesus Christ as your LORD and Savior, longsuffering is required to maintain our hope in Gods promises.

If you don’t have hope or purpose for your life, why would you wait?  Why would you continue to suffer?  You would give up!!

Love will be patient no matter what the situation.

A candle is prepared to burn a long time if it has that long wick.

You are to forbear and patiently wait if you have the characteristic of the highest level of AGAPE love.

Can you show longsuffering till your spouse finally comes around and make progress.

Do you patiently wait while you try to teach or communicate to your spouse.

Longsuffering is forbearing without reacting in anger or turning away.

Long suffering is not a feeling.

Our human nature wants to get nervous and hyper as soon as it has to be patient.

Can you hold tight to your trust in God?

Longsuffering is a decision of the will; it is a decision to endure in faith.

The long view is to forgive each other’s failures and to hold tight to our trust in God.

Keep going even though your husband doesn’t respond to you!

Do you say that you are sick and tired of waiting for your spouse to change?

Have you stopped hoping and believing?

Does this relationship test your patience?

If this is true, you need an injection of AGAPE love right now!

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you!

NOTE:  Daily there is a new post to help your marriage succeed.


  1. Yovetta August 11, 2016 at 10:19 am #

    This is timely. My husbands can get rough with me. He grabs me hard, not on purpose, but he’s doesn’t handle be soft or gentle. I know its because he sees me as this strong women, physically and mentally. I want him to be soft and treat me gentle. It is long suffering a lot of times. How do I get him to realize that its to rough without being ugly about it?

    • nancysalazar August 11, 2016 at 7:09 pm #

      Hi Yovetta! I think every women’s husband has handled them in a rough manner at least once if not always. Most men are not naturally gentle. God gave them muscles because they have to do the physically hard work. I would talk to him at a good time and let him know how you feel about it even if you already have done that many times before. Then tell him that if he continues, you want to get marital counseling together. He will either stop or he may admit that he has anger issues or bitterness against you. If he does admit bitterness because of something you have done or said, that is good so you can both ask for forgiveness.

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