6 Apr


We will continue on with the second thing your husband can’t do without – RECREATIONAL COMPANIONSHIP.

Much of the information will come from the book, “His needs, Her needs” by Willard F. Harley, Jr.

One of the places that I really enjoy going to with my husband, is the Dodger baseball game.  We hardly have time, so we may go to one or two games a year.  When we do go, I absolutely love it.  We don’t eat hot dogs, only when we go to the ball game.  It makes the game that much better cause then we have two things to look forward to.  Their hot dogs are famous and almost everyone at the Dodger Stadium is standing and eating a “Dodger Dog.”

God’s word has different verses concerning recreation.

Let’s look in Malachi to see where the wife fits in.

Mal.2:14 “…she is your companion and the wife by covenant.”

The Hebrew root word implies an intimate partner; an accomplice.

In the dictionary, a companion is one who accompanies another.

In the middle of the word companion is the word “pan.”

Pan is bread, which is a “comfort food.” That is what a wife is, a COMFORT.

The verse goes on to say in verse 14, “…and your wife by covenant…”

A covenant is a formal and binding agreement under seal between two or more parties.

The covenant is that you are to be his FRIENDLY FRIEND!

When you are courting, you had no problem joining in his interests.

Your interest in his favorite activities helps SEAL the marriage deal.

Recreational compatibility is usually crucial criterion for men in selecting a wife.

Men place a HIGH importance on recreational activity.

Wives after marriage, usually try to convince their husbands into the activities they are interested in.

If they fail to convince their husbands to do what they want, they may encourage their husbands to continue their activities WITHOUT them.

Spending recreational time with his wife is ranked second only to sex for the typical husband.

When she doesn’t want to enjoy him, he may feel she is then moving in on his recreational life, which is one of the things that keeps him going.

The wife is making a dangerous choice by sending him off to his most enjoyable activity without his wife present to enjoy it with him.

The wife is taking a risk that someone of the opposite sex may turn up to be their companion and there is a risk of them falling in love.

You are missing out on a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to have fun together.

Those hours and days are now lost because his favorite recreational companion was not there.

Many wives testify that the secret to their marriage is that they stayed together in PURSUNG a recreational activity.


It is better to find a babysitter for your children than your husband find a babysitter for him.

Note: Make two copies of the following list of activities.  Have your husband put a star (*) on the ones he would enjoy doing or put a (+) by the ones he might enjoy.  You do the same on your copy.  Match them up and start having fun together.  Let him know you are doing this so you can have fun with him.

Watch for the smile on his face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ACTIVITY                                                          ACTIVITY

ACTING                                                       FLYING (AS PILOT)

AEROBIC EXERCISE                                FLYING (AS PASSENGER)

AMUSEMENT PARKS                              FOOTBALL (WATCHING)


ARCHERY                                                    GARDENING

ASTRONOMY                                             GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH

AUTO CUSTOMIZING                              GOLF

AUTO RACING (WATCH)                        HAM RADIO

BADMINTON                                              HANDBALL

BASEBALL (WATCHING)                        HIKING

BASEBALL (PLAYING)                             HOCKEY (WATCHING)

BASKETBALL (WATCH)                          HOCKEY (PLAYING)


BIBLE STUDY                                              HORSE SHOWS (WATCHING)

BICYCLING                                                   HORSE RACING

BOATING                                                       HORSESHOE PITCHING

BODYBUILDING                                          HOT AIR BALLOONING

BOWLING                                                      HUNTING

BOXING (WATCHING)                               ICE FISHING

BRIDGE                                                           ICE SKATING

CAMPING                                                        JOGGING

CANOEING                                                     JUDO

CHECKERS                                                     KARATE

CHESS                                                              KNITTING

CHURCH SERVICES                                      METALWORK

COIN COLLECTING                                       MODEL BUILDING


COMPUTER GAMES                                      MOUNTAIN CLIMBING

COMPUTER __________________                      MOVIES

CONCERTS (ROCK MUSIC)                         MUSEUMS



CROQUET                                                          PHOTOGRAPHY

DANCING ___________________                          PLAYS

DINING OUT                                                      POETRY

FISHING                                                              POLO (WATCHING)

ACTIVITY                                                 ACTIVITY

POOL (OR BILLIARDS)                           WEAVING

QUILTING                                                   WOODWORKING

RACQUETBALL                                         TOBOGGANING

REMODELING (HOME)                           VIDEO GAMES

ROCK COLLECTING                                 VIDEO PRODUCTION

ROLLER-SKATING                                   VIDEO MOVIES (WATCHING)

SAILING                                                       WOODWORKING

SCULPTING                                                 WRESTLING

SHOOTING (SKEET,TRAP)                     YACHTING





SHOPPING (______________)




















6 Responses to “DODGER DOG DAY”

  1. Denise Rojas April 6, 2011 at 1:46 pm #

    Hi Sis Nancy!!! WOW This was a “home run”! During our 8 years of marriage Woody has always wanted me to join him in a round of golf he even said I can drive the cart and read while he’s playing lol. I always had a negative attitude and even despised golf everytime he mentioned it, I would get so upset. In reading this I felt so convicted! I should be honored that my husband wants his girlfriend 😉 to join him and in fact for the first time ever I will be planning a golf getaway right before our marriage retreat!! Thank you for sharing your heart through these blogs!!

    • nancysalazar April 6, 2011 at 4:10 pm #

      Denise, you are the first one whose comment has made me cry. I am so proud of you!!!!!! That is what I do. I take a book wherever he wants to go. You get a trophy from me and a crown from God. I Love YOU!!!

  2. christina reyes April 6, 2011 at 2:27 pm #

    This is so true, I enjoy baseball ,but am I crazy about it no. My husband on the other hand loves baseball and the Dodgers of course, so do I go? “YES” even if it’s to go buy him his Dodger Dog’s I have come to enjoy it…

    • nancysalazar April 6, 2011 at 4:14 pm #

      Hi Christina! Before Christ (salvation), my husband and I were hooked on the Dodgers. We were one of those couples that would get mad if anyone said anything about them. It’s the only place I can scream and yell in public. Also, I can sing and no one I know can hear how bad my voice sounds! Ok, to much info. lol!!

  3. Yvonne April 6, 2011 at 9:36 pm #

    Hi Sis Nancy!!! Well my goodness these last few blogs have really been hitting home and today I had to seriously Laugh Out Loud!!! And then explain to my husband why!! My hubby’s new recreation is running, and he has been asked to run for the team at work in the annual “Baker to Vegas” run! Well when we talked about it again
    and realized I couldn’t possibly go, I laughed cause I knew I had to encourage him to go without me!! These blogs have been so timely for me lately!! Thank You!!

    • nancysalazar April 7, 2011 at 5:57 am #

      Thanks so much Yvonne for your great comment! Sometimes I start laughing at my own blogs, cause as I am typing them, God starts showing me places I need to improve. Then I have to do what God is asking of me. lol!! Have a blessed day with your hubby!

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