18 May


When our youngest daughter was taking ice skating lessons at about the age of nine, she had to have gymnastics.  Her lesson was about an hour so the first part of the lesson was stretching which lasted about 30 minutes.  It was a private lesson from a young man and when he was done with her, my whole body was hurting from just watching.  He pushed and pulled her the whole half hour.  I had to control myself from barging in and telling him to quit or he might break something.  My husband kept telling me that the coach knew what he was doing and we needed to let him do what he needed to do.  In the end she was able to do splits and all leg lifting that was needed for her ice skating competitions.

As we continue on with our “profile peeking”, we will see how the Proverbs 31 woman was stretched to her capacity.

Prov.31:20 “She stretcheth out her hand to the poor; yea, she reacheth forth her hands to the needy.”

This woman did MORE than just write a check,  she shows personal concern.

“She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy.”

This is a woman that comforts the lonely, visits the sick and depressed, and delivers food to those in need.

“Why should I care???”

Jesus said that in order to please him, you have to care because He cares.

Jesus and the poor were INSEPERABLE.

The blind, hungry, lame, beggars, destitute and needy flocked around Jesus.


God has made it His business to show he cares.

Whatever is Gods business, is your BUSINESS.

Do you tell yourself, “It’s none of my business”, when you see a need?

There may be a real financial or material need right next to you.

CASE AND POINT:  I heard once that when you see any member of the armed forces in a public place, pay for his meal, especially if he is with his family.  They have the highest rate of divorce and they have limited finances to support their family.  If we are in an eatery, and my husband sees someone in uniform, he calls the server over and anonymously pays for what that military personnel is eating.  One time in an airport, I sent my brother to chase down a military man to give him some lunch money.  My brother is a very thoughtful person but after he chased the guy I explained why I did it.  Even if we don’t have much in our pocket, it will at least buy him a cup of coffee.

I am not saying this to get pats on my back, but to give you an idea so you can do likewise.

Just say, “Have a blessed day” and put some cash in their hand.

Do all this for the sake of the One who “…though he was rich, for your sake he became poor,  that we through his poverty might be rich.” 2Cor.8:9

Are the poor within YOUR reach?

They are within reach of your wallet, your energy, and your prayers.

It is your personal responsibility to find out where the poor are.

In the Old Testament, the law PROVIDED for one-tenth of the farm produce to be given to the widows, the fatherless and the poor.

Also, they were told to provide for foreigners, strangers and travelers.

In order to reach, you must stretch.

Psa.41:1 “…blessed is he that considereth the poor: The LORD will deliver him in time of trouble.”

With an outstretched hand, the virtuous woman cheerfully and freely serves the poor with her hands.

Your spouse and your children need to see you do these random ACTS of kindness.

Jesus taught by doing, and you need to do according to the example that was left for us.

Or am I wrong ABOUT DOING?

She seeks opportunities to do good and help those in desperation as she reaches out her hands to the needy.

Do you give TITHES and offerings in your church?

Do you help out those in the household of faith?

Can our LORD count on you to put kingdom business first?

Can HE??

Fighting that good fight and loving it!!

NOTE:  Don’t miss tomorrow’s post.  Daily there is a new post.

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