5 Sep


When Joseph’s brothers came from Canaan to Egypt seeking food in the midst of the famine, they had to use and interpreter to communicate with their brother.  There have been times in our marriage when Barbara and I have needed someone to interpret for us so we can truly understand each other!  Understanding is not merely a transfer of information, but an empathy for the other person based on what he or she communicated with you.  Barbara and I have found understanding to be essential in building each other’s self-image.  We are continually seeking to comprehend the context of each other’s lives, the kind of context that helps to explain our self-image, our behavior, and our attitudes.

Applying the Law of Understanding will give you the right to be heard by your mate.  If he or she senses that you truly understand– or at least desire to understand–then your suggestions and attempts to build into your mate will be better received.

The next time your mate expresses a concern, ask if he or she feels that you understand it.  Practice listening with a sympathetic ear, and look beyond the response to its cause.  What has occurred into your mate’s life that contributes to this present attitude?  Which pressure today may be crushing your mate’s self-confidence?

Proverbs 24:3 reads, “Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established.”  And 1Peter 3:7 teaches husbands to dwell with their wives with understanding.  As we give each other the gift of understanding , we build a stronger, healthier marriage that endures.

NOTE:  Tomorrows new post will help you in making your marriage a success.

NOTE:  This article was written by Dennis and Barbara Rainey

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