31 Jul


Question #1.  What is the proper way of handling a situation when your spouse is friendly with someone of the opposite sex.

Answer #1.  It is very hard for someone to see their spouse enjoying the company of someone from the opposite sex.  I would suggest that at first you should try to ignore it, especially if your spouse has never given you any reason to think otherwise by their actions.  If it continues again and you are feeling uncomfortable, the best thing to do is to address it to your spouse.  Do not involve the other person.  Do not accuse your spouse of anything.  Just address to your spouse how you are feeling and you want him/her to help you with this.  You have the right to ask them not to be friendly and keep the relationship on a business like level.  Do not tell your spouse not to say hello or smile.  Your spouse is not guilty of anything and they may not even be aware of their actions.  Do not violate your marriage by bringing accusations that are unsubstantiated.

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