5 Jun


Question #1.  What characteristics in personality kill the flame in a marriage?

Answer #1.  Personalities and characteristics are not what kill the flame in a marriage.  There are an array of reasons for the flame in a marriage to seize.

1.  Husbands have needs and wives have needs.  When these needs are not met, the flame goes out.  At that point each person can decide that only God can meet their need and they can become a better person in Christ.  Worldly couples usually decide to find someone who will meet those needs and the marriage starts to deteriorate.

2.  In Eph.5:33, it tells the husband to love his wife and the wife to respect her husband.  In the book, Love & Respect by Emerson Eggerich, it calls this the “crazy cycle”.  When the wife doesn’t respect her husband, then he does not show her love by meeting her needs.  When the husband doesn’t show love to his wife, she decides not to respect him.  They get on this merry-go-round until one of them gets off.  There needs to be a decision to do your part whether the other one does or not.  When your spouse sees that you have made an effort inspite of how the other one acts, they fall back in love with you.

3.  The devil has many devices and he hates marriages.  He knows that you are a double cord and it will be hard for him to get in.  God hates divorce, and the devil tries to destroy the work of God.  You need to have the attitude of pleasing God no matter what goes on in your marriage.  That means making your husband a better man than when you found him.  Not by nagging or trying to change him, but coming along side and encouraging him  you can.

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