28 Apr


Dreamworks Animation SKG has a philosophy which states: We…embrace innovation, creativity, collaboration, and a solid dose of fun.  This company has made many famous animated movies.

This definition of all these adjectives together mean, “working together to create something for the first time.”

In Mal.2:11, marriage is called “…The  Lord’s holy institution which He loves…

In Mal.2:14,  it implies that a wife is someone to have fun with, “…the wife…is your companion…”

In Mal.2:15, it explains that God created marriage to obtain Godly children, “But did He not make them one…He seeks Godly offspring…”

I would say that God’s establishment of marriage is embracing innovation, creativity, collaboration, and a solid dose of fun.

A marriage definitely is a “working together to create something for the first time.”

Your wedding day was full of high expectations and excitement.

God gave you to your husband so that he could meet his God-given POTENTIAL.

As the years pass on, there are unmet expectations and great disappointment that starts to invade your marriage.

Do you find yourself trying to SHAPE your husband into the man you desire him to be?

Do you find yourself telling him what you think he should be doing for the kingdom of God?

Do you find yourself frustrated at times because your hopes and dreams have faded and not come to pass?

Prov.31:12 “She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.”

Make it your constant business to do your spouse GOOD and don’t do anything that would displease him.

God knows your husband’s heart and what He created him for.

Let God take the lead since he knows what you both as a couple can ACCOMPLISH.

God knows that it is hard for you to wait on your dreams for your family.

Gal.6:10 “…let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.”

You need to be a peacemaker to him.

Do you make life EASY for him?

Do you attend to him with diligence and tenderness?

Watch over anything that would DAMAGE him, his family, his estate, or his reputation.

Do this with joy and not grudgingly.

You have been given to him “for better or worse, in health or sickness, for richer or poorer.”

You do this because you Love God and desire to please Him and not only your husband.

A virtuous wife brings him GOOD, not harm, all the days of her life.

You need to do these things, not just because it is convenient or profitable.

Your character NEEDS to be steady, reliable, and dependable.

You can do this!  You were made for this!

The dream will come, but it takes work.


The Dream Works.

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