14 Sep


Question #1.  I don’t know what to do about something that is bothering me.  I don’t want to say anything to my husband.  My husband is a friendly, people person.  There is one sister in church that I feel he is to friendly with and she is very friendly back.  I’ve prayed and asked God to help me with this and also to open my husbands eyes to what I see.  Even though I love my husband and trust him, I don’t trust the devil.

Answer #2.  GOOD  FOR YOU!!  You need to protect God’s investment!  Find a special time when you both are very happy and content.  Usually after sex.  Let him know that you have some concerns.  Tell him what you have observed.  Let him know that you trust him, but it doesn’t “set right” with you.  If he gets mad and says that you are just being jealous, don’t say anything.  Wait till he is done talking and do not argue.  Tell him how you would appreciate him to handle it.  He should not converse with her unless you are standing right next to him.  Let him know that he can walk away as she will be left with only you to talk to.  He is not to initiate any conversation with her, but if she talks to him, he can politely answer and it should be limited to no more than two sentences. If it sounds ridiculous to him, tell him it is an investment in his marriage.  Then reciprocate by asking him what you can do for him in return.  It could be FUN!!  If he says, “no”, you might ask him which woman he is more concerned with.  Then leave it alone and pray for conviction.  He will not be able to enjoy any more conversations with her.

I know you feel like you do not want to say anything.  The problem with that is you do not want her to start having feelings for him.  People call it being friendly and that is what it may be but it can easily turn to “foreplay.”  The devil goes to church and turns what is good into what is evil.   My prayers are with you.

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